The best of both worlds: Online and Offline.

New to Principal MF

At Principal MF, our endeavor is to make your investment experience quick, easy and hassle-free!

As a new investor, you can choose to invest with us either online or through a physical application (offline)

The below table outlines the Online and Offline Investment Process in simple steps


Step 1 : Select Scheme to invest
Step 2 : Download form from website
Step 3 : Complete details
Step 4 : Enclose cheque and KRA Acknowledgement (If KYC not done fill in KYC details)
Step 5 : Submit to nearest ISC centre


Step 1 : Check for KYC. If KYC not done, input your Aadhar Number, else opt for offline investment, for the first time investment only.
Step 2 : Select a Scheme
Step 3 : Provide basic investor details
Step 4 : Complete New Purchase Application Form
Step 5 : Confirm Purchase
Step 6 : Payment Gateway
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