Investor SMS Transact

SMS Transact

Welcome to Principal Mutual Funds SMS transact service where you can transact just by sending an SMS to 56161.

You can execute financial transactions such as purchase,redemption or place non-financial requests like account statement, current value as well as NAV of your fund. Transact from your mobile phone, anytime - No downloading of apps or enabling mobile data services.

Steps for SMS Transact

1 Registration Complete the application form for Registration of SMS Transact services and the One Time Mandate (OTM) for enabling subscription. Submit the same at our Official Point of Acceptance
2 Confirmation receipt Await the confirmation of registration for SMS Transacting. The confirmation will be sent on completion of the OTM registration formality with the payment vendor. This may take upto 25 working days
3 Transact Once the confirmation is received, investors can transact by keying in the syntax (example provided below and in the form) and send the SMS to 56161

Transaction SMS Format Sample SMS Transaction Processed

Transaction SMS Format Sample SMS Transaction Processed
PURCHASE PUR <Folio No> <scheme code> <amount> PUR 12345678 LFZG 10000 Purchase would be processed into growth option under direct plan of the corresponding scheme code (LFZG)
REDEMPTION (AMOUNT) RED <Folio No> <scheme code> <amount> RED 12345678 LFZG 5000 Redemption would be processed from the growth option under direct plan for requested amount in the scheme code LFZG
REDEMPTION (ALL UNITS) RED <Folio No> <scheme code> <amount> RED 12345678 LFZG ALL All available units would be redeemed growth option under direct plan in the scheme code LFZG

Form, scheme codes and NAV applicability

Forms availability Forms are available on our website in the download section
Scheme short codes Scheme short codes have also been listed on the website in the download section. Scheme short codes are also available alongside the scheme name in the statement of account
NAV applicability As per SEBI regulations. For transaction value of Rs 2 lacs and above (non-liquid schemes) and any amount for Liquid Schemes, the NAV applied will be dependent upon the receipt of credit in our account. Please refer to the SID for more details

Points to be noted

Facility available for Individual investors (with mode of holding being Single or Either or Survivor), HUFs and Sole Proprietors
OTM Form To be filled completely and accurately. Refer to the instructions on the reverse bottom side of the application form

*Kindly refer to the Registration Form of SMS transact Services for theTerms and Conditions of this facility