SIP: A systematically trouble-free way of investing in mutual funds


A systematic investment plan (SIP) is an option where you invest a fixed amount in a mutual fund at pre-defined regular intervals. It is a disciplined investment plan and cost averaging helps reduce impact of market volatility. Investing through SIP helps you create significant wealth in the long-run with small sums of money.

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An STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) / RWP(Regular Switch Plan), is a plan that allows investor to give consent to the Mutual fund to periodically transfer a certain amount / switch(redeem) certain units from one scheme and invest in another Scheme. Thus at regular intervals an amount/number of units you choose is transferred from one mutual fund scheme to another of your choice. This helps ensure that your money is unaffected by any market volatility in the short term. Bearing in mind that investing in equities at one go could be risky, you can choose to park your funds in liquid or debt funds, reducing the downside risk. This facility thus helps in deploying funds at regular intervals.

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An RWP (Regular Withdrawal Plan) allows an investor to withdraw designated sum of money and units from the fund account at pre-defined regular intervals. It allows the investor a certain level of independence from market instability and helps in avoiding market timing. The investor can reinvest the redeemed cash in another portfolio or use it as a source of regular income. It is suitable for retirees who are looking for a fixed flow of income. SWP help investors who require liquidity as it permits them to access their money precisely when they need it to meet their objectives.

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Triggers allow you to keep track of the timing of the transfer of funds. You can specify the event, the amount or the number of units to be redeemed and help ensure that you book some profits and maintain the desired asset allocation in the portfolio.

Triggers could be based on actual occurrence of one or more of the below events:

  • Value of the investment reaching a specified value
  • NAV of the scheme reaching a specified value
  • Level of capital appreciation
  • Level of the market indices or
  • A specified date

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Disclaimer - Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.