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Equity investments are aggressive wealth builders in longer term. Therefore, you need to choose a fund with a proven performance track record. Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund invests in quality companies across large & mid cap sectors and has multiplied wealth by 13 times in the last 12 years.

*1,26,679 unique investors as on Dec 31, 2020

Key Benefits for Investors

Quality Large Companies and Growth Potential of Medium Size Companies

A portfolio with higher allocation to high quality large cap companies

About 57% of portfolio is invested in growth oriented companies

*As on Dec, 2020

Portfolio diversified across 22 industries to potentially benefit from new opportunities post COVID-19

Proven track record of long term wealth creation


Inception Date: 12-11-2008
Past performance may or may not be sustained in future. Different plans shall have a different expense structure. The performance details provided herein are of Regular Plan - Growth option. Returns are calculated on Compounded Annualised Basis (CAGR). PTP (Point to Point) Returns are based on standard investment of Rs 10,000/- made at the beginning of relevant period.
SIP and Lumpsum data is as on Dec 31, 2020. The appreciated value provided above is CAGR for Lumpsum & XIRR for SIP returns and final value does not take into consideration any expense and taxation liability if any. For the purpose of calculation, it is assumed that SIP installments are made at the beginning of the month.

Principal for Equity Investments

Our legacy is 141 years old and we have overcome many downturns to generate wealth for our customers.

We manage assets in US that are twice the size of the Indian Mutual Fund industry.

We are backed by deep investment expertise & knowledge.

Our investment desks are spread across many countries, providing a local knowledge base for better stock selection.

We service 3.5 crore customers globally, while the Indian Mutual Fund industry is limited to ~2 crore.